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Most companies easily forget two important factors that make an effective campaign or product … simplicity and usability. I stumbled upon this on a social media blog  by Scott Monty.  You can check out his other cool posts at Courtesy of Advertisements

I have decided that I will be posting some tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on my blog.  As a marketer, it never hurts to have basic knowledge in such tools which have become so essential in the industry today.  Having a strong understanding of these tools helps us transform our ideas into tangible products, […]

When the 2010 Olympic Medals were revealed yesterday, I’ve already heard that their untraditional style isn’t sitting well with everybody.  Some say they look like microwaved frisbees, ashtrays, melt 45s and so on. I don’t get it.  What’s with all the negativity? This is one of the best designs I’ve ever seen in olympic medal […]

My name is Meowgarita. Okay, it’s really not. But my real name is so common that 10 heads turn when someone calls it. Two years ago, for some strange reason that is still unknown to me today, everybody started calling me Margarita. Even my boss called me Margarita. It caught on so fast that I […]