What’s your name again?


My name is Meowgarita. Okay, it’s really not. But my real name is so common that 10 heads turn when someone calls it. Two years ago, for some strange reason that is still unknown to me today, everybody started calling me Margarita. Even my boss called me Margarita. It caught on so fast that I found myself signing emails with my new name without even thinking about it. After a while, the name grew on me and I started to love it.

Unfortunately, Margarita turned out to be just as common as my real name. When I started to enter the world of facebook, twitter, blogspot and all other media where people go to nowadays to talk about themselves, I realized that there was no way I could talk about myself as “Margarita” because it was taken. Hence, “Meowgarita” was born. It is a play on both my new name and my real one – Katrina.


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