2010 Olympic Medals called “Ugly”


2010 Olympic Medals

When the 2010 Olympic Medals were revealed yesterday, I’ve already heard that their untraditional style isn’t sitting well with everybody.  Some say they look like microwaved frisbees, ashtrays, melt 45s and so on.

I don’t get it.  What’s with all the negativity?

This is one of the best designs I’ve ever seen in olympic medal history.  Well okay, I don’t follow the olympics that closely, and I do admit that I don’t remember most of the other designs.  But that’s exactly why I think we should applaud the efforts of the olympic organizers this year.  They have come up with a design so unique that people remember it and wonder what the story is behind it.

2010 olympic medals 2The medals feature contemporary aboriginal art and are undulating instead of flat – which is a first in olympic history.  Their dramatic form is inspired by “ocean waves, drifting snow and the mountainous landscapes found in the Games region and across Canada.”

The designs are based on two large master artworks of an orca whale and raven by Corrine Hunt, a Canadian artist of Komoyue and Tlingit heritage.  Each medal features a unique hand-cropped section of the art, making it one-of-a-kind.  This means that every athlete that wins a medal will hold a piece of the whole design.   The idea of community is behind this design, and I think that’s what makes it special and beautiful and worthy of the athletes that wear them.

Another comment I heard was that these medals were going to give the atheletes back pain!  The materials used to produce the medals consist of 2.05 kilograms of gold, 1,950 kilograms of silver and 903 kilograms of copper.  Well, I say the heavier the better.  Danielle Goyette, an Olympic gold medalist, has said, “I think as an athlete, when you want to get the medal, and they put it around your neck… you want to feel the weight that it implies, the weight that it puts on your shoulders to remind you of the things you had to do to get there.”

So kudos to Canada for absolutely amazing medals.


10 Responses to “2010 Olympic Medals called “Ugly””

  1. 1 Kyle Burgess

    I completely agree Katrina

  2. 2 Jon

    They are ugly! They look like they’d been run over by a train. I don’t understand why they think that a medal that looks like a microwave plastic would look nice. Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. Those Canadians can’t seem to get anything right!

  3. 3 Jay Meyer

    These are no doubt the worst (out of respect for the Olympics I will not say ugliest) designed medals in the history of the modern games. A big wavey thing with bad artwork on them.

  4. 4 Mike

    I’ve never found the Olympic medals to be ugly until now. Indeed these are ugly.

  5. 5 Erick

    I think they look great. Sleek and stylish, and the two-tone look with the artwork on there looks very cool. I also like how they are heavier and more substantial than any previous medal.

  6. 6 Lynnie

    Well I do follow the Olympics, and these are some of the ugliest of the lot. So much goes into winning one of these little things (well, okay these ones aren’t little, they’re awkwardly large,) I would think athletes would want an Olympic Medal that, you know, LOOKS like an Olympic Medal.

  7. 7 ginger

    I think they are hideous. The first time I saw one I thought it looked like one of those cheap gold foil cover chocolate coins that had gotton squished and bent in someones pocket. Too bad they can’t melt them down and try again. Try making something that actually looks like art instead of a metalworking accident.

  8. 8 Danika

    I don’t mind the heavier weight. I don’t even mind the artwork, as I actually find that element interesting. But the waviness looks just horrible. On air it appears bent and unfinished, like someone took a hammer to it. That was definitively a poor decision to take it in that direction. Change the look, yes, but at least have the decency to make it look polished, professional and Olympian.

  9. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

  10. 10 soleil taylor-brotin

    Yeah, I too initially thought the medals were ugly; like as if they’d been chewed by a shark and found in its stomach contents with hub caps etc. However, after reading the inpiration behind their design, I change my view. Its true, conventional medals are never remembered! but with the abstract design, one can never forget these, or the athletes who earned them owing to the unique designs. So well done canada.

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