Project: My Travel Brochure


I started studying at Emily Carr University of Art + Design this fall. My first of many classes focused on the Adobe Creative Suite: how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign as an integrated software tool for design and production for print media.

The class was taught in a mac environment, so I was relieved to have had some practice at home with the macbook pro I recently bought after the sudden death of my beloved HP laptop. Although I have taught myself how to use the adobe software in the past two years, I wasn’t suprised to realize that there was much more that I needed to learn.

My final project was to create a travel brochure using the adobe suite.  I did not want to make just any travel brochure. I wanted to come up with something fun. So, in light of the rising climate change issues, I came up with the idea of putting animals where they normally wouldn’t be.  Here’s a quick peak:

1) Elephants taking a family holiday in Rome, Italy

2) Tiger hailing a cab in New York City

3) Giraffes hanging out at the Taj Mahal in India

4) Zebra sightseeing at the Great Wall of China

All techniques used in photoshop were non-destructive. I used paths and channels to isolate the animals before moving them into a new background. I added shadows and reflections to make the collage more realistic.  And finally, I added adjustment layers (curves) to do some non-destructive color correction.

Next, I used Adobe Illustrator to create icons for: Places to Eat, Places to Drink, Places to Sleep, Places to Shop and Places to Visit.

Finally, I used Adobe InDesign to put everything together to create the actual brochure.  If you want to see the end result, here it is: Travel Brochure Project

Image Credits:
Elephants: Oskar Henriksson (Sweden)
Rome: Vladimir Fofanov (Russia)
Tiger: Wong Mei Teng (Malaysia)
New York: Will Phillips (United Kingdom)
Giraffe1: Michal Zacharzewski (Poland)
Giraffe2: Andrzej Gdula (Poland)
Taj Mahal: Zsolt Zatrok Dr. (Hungary)
Zebra: Nicolas Raymond (Canada)
Great Wall: Webnut Shen (Canada)

Content Source:
The Lonely Planet

This brochure was created for a class project and will not be published, sold or distributed.


5 Responses to “Project: My Travel Brochure”

  1. Thanks for informing me! 🙂

  2. Very cool! I like the idea of animals on vacation. You are going to have to teach how to do that stuff when I go back to Canada.

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    • Oahu Vacation Seeker,
      Thank you so much! I’m glad you think the content is excellent. I will do my best to keep things interesting.

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