Project: Dalhousie Spanish Society


A friend of mine has asked me to make an event poster for her student group The Dalhousie Spanish Society.  The event is called “La Velada”, a soiree type of party with a central american theme, if I’m not mistaken.

Here is my first shot at it:

I did another attempt to make it less Spanish-themed and more Central-American-themed.  Here’s my second shot:

Result: They loved it!  As always, comments are welcome.

Photo Credits:
Car: Rasmus Andersen (Denmark)
Guitarist: Stephen Davies (United Kingdom)
Dancers: Moi Cody (United States)


One Response to “Project: Dalhousie Spanish Society”

  1. Both are nice posters Katrina, you’re doing an awesome job. Must be nice to be able to practice your new skills. I personally like the second just because I can imagine what it’s like (ie. a party). The first one looks like a fashion show…hehe. But that’s just me not knowing what a La Velada is.

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