The Olympic Flame… an everyday view from my office desk.


No, this picture does not do the olympic flame any justice. It’s a low-resolution image I took using my blackberry the day I discovered that the Olympic cauldron was right in my office – the International Broadcast Centre (IBC).

How did I not know it was there, you might ask. Well, the construction was done in secret. Tarps covered what was later revealed to be the olympic cauldron. Sure, there was talk about what it was, but I was too busy doing my work to even sneak a peak. It was only when the Olympics officially began that I realized that Wayne Gretzky – the Great One – would end the 100 day torch relay by lighting the cauldron a few steps from my desk.

I did not know the cauldron was right there. I did not know Wayne Gretzsky was a big deal. I thought he was a random person who won the lottery to light up the torch. He walked past me after lighting up the flame, and I smiled as if saying, “Good for you! You got to light that thing!”

Please forgive me for being a complete idiot, olympic fans. I am sharing this picture of the flame (a rare shot from underneath it) to make up for being so oblivious.


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