A Fun Way of Reinforcing the Speed Limit


The Fun Theory, an initiative of Volkswagen, is a website dedicated to the thought that “FUN is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.”

Recently, the site launched a competition called “The Fun Theory Award” to recognize those thoughts, ideas and inventions that help prove the theory. The competition closed on December 15th, and the voting ended on January 15th. Here is the winning entry by Kevin Richardson (USA).

The Speed Camera Lottery

Can we get more people to obey the speed limit by making it fun to do? The idea here is capture on camera the people who keep to the speed limit. They would have their photos taken and registration numbers recorded and entered into a lottery. Winners would recieve cash prizes and be notified by post. Better still, the winnig pot would come from the people who were caught speeding.

See the full video here.


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