The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Answers Tweets on YouTube


So we’ve all probably heard about the Old Spice commercial. In case you’ve been out of the planet these past few months, here’s the clip:

Now, the shirtless, extremely suave Old Spice guy is back with an encore. In what is definitely one of the most creative social media campaigns out there since Shreddies’ Diamond vs. Square campaign, Old Spice  released over 100 personalized YouTube videos shot in a span of 48 hours. These videos show the muscled Old Spice guy, played by actor Isaiah Mustafa, responding to tweets from people, including well-known celebrities like @Alyssa_Milano:

Here’s his response to @biz, the co-founder of Twitter:

Here’s his response to @GStephanopoulos, Good Morning America Anchor and ABC News Chief Political Correspondent who wrote “Hey Old Spice Man — Political question: President [Obama]’s lost some female support. How does WH get those women voters back?”

Here’s his response to @jsbeals who asks: “Can you ask my girlfriend to marry me?”

The girlfriend said yes. After all, who could say no to Old Spice guy?

Kudos to Mustafa for perfect delivery and abs, as well as to Wieden+Kennedy, the creative team behind this campaign. You deserve to win best commercial of the year at Cannes. As Mark Tutssel, global chief creative officer at the Leo Burnett Worldwide ad agency said, “It took an old, sleepy brand and woke it up, and overnight wove its way into popular culture.”

The social media campaign deserves an award in its own category. The words “social media” have become sickening these past few months, so it’s very refreshing to see a campaign actually worth buzzing about. If only Old Spice Guy could make ads for all products out there, there might actually be no need for Tivo.


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