Starbucks Drops Name from Logo


Starbucks recently dropped the company name from  its logo, leaving only a green “siren” symbol. This is the fourth logo in 40 years.

My opinion? I loved the old logo. It’s one of the most recognizable logos in the world. On the other hand, Nike removed its name, leaving only a swoosh as its logo – and now everyone around the world knows swoosh = Nike.  So I’ll wait and see. Maybe it will grow on me. Maybe it will be a success. Maybe Starbucks will save money on one-colour printing but spend a lot on swapping out the logos. Maybe people will forget Starbucks, and call it “that green mermaid place.”

What do you think?


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3 Responses to “Starbucks Drops Name from Logo”

  1. 1 Thomas Hovland

    I feel sad that I wasn’t aware of this, as there are 3 locations where you can get Starbucks in all of Belgium. As someone who hasn’t been bombarded by the Starbucks brand every day, I didn’t immediately recognize the green mermaid lady.

    Will this hurt Starbucks? My opinion is no because those who frequent the chain do it for the coffee and the atmosphere, and a cup doesn’t change that. I have a theory as to why they would make the change, and I welcome you to disagree. The new one is simple and it doesn’t insist upon itself. Meaning that in areas in the world where Starbucks is considered “the expensive/fancy coffee place” that branded preconception is mitigated. So by eliminating the name and moving to the simple “green mermaid lady” the chain, and Starbucks coffee, now has better access to new, lower to middle markets….. or they’re just trying to save from printing 2 colours.

  2. 2 Kyle

    I think this is a horrible move. The first question that I want to ask them is “What do you stand to gain by making the change?” If there is no net gain for the company, I have to begin questioning their management.

  3. 3 Andy

    I don’t really like the logo too much, but then again I don’t like drinking Starbucks either. I’m sure it’ll be successful though, they still have kept their colours and the woman is still there. A lot of people may not recognize Starbucks without the words around it but maybe after 6 months or a year people will associate the woman with Starbucks. At least they won’t get the backlash like Gap did, think they learned anything from that?

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