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I would like to make an addendum to my last blog post “Exposing My Dirty Little Secret.” I’ve received comments from friends that the Dirty Laundry Vineyard is definitely a must-see (or rather, a must-taste) in the Okanagan Valley. But now that it’s winter, make sure to check the business hours before you go. You […]

Okay, here it is. My dirty little secret is that I am obsessed with “Dirty Laundry.” No, I don’t mean dirty underwear. I’m referring to this charming little vineyard that I discovered during a recent trip to the Okanagan Valley. Behind its name is an interesting story that started during the gold rush era in […]

So the Olympics are now over and the craziness has died down a little bit. Whew! Don’t get me wrong. I loved the Olympics. But somehow, working FOR the Olympics for 12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week for months didn’t make it so easy to come home to my downtown apartment – where […]

Ladies in Vancouver!  The fabulous Kitty Card is on sale this month for $10. If you haven’t read my previous post, the Kitty Card is your ticket to exclusive discounts and VIP treatment at Vancouver’s most indulgent salons, spas, boutiques and bistros. This month, I’ve already grabbed 5 of them so that my girl friends and […]

I did not intend for this to be a food blog, but it is slowly but surely becoming food-centric. Yes, yes, I love to eat. It is my passion to hunt down the best places to dine in the city or wherever I am in the world at any point in time. So please indulge […]

Ladies in Vancouver, allow me to introduce you to The Kitty Card.  It’s a must-have item if you want access to exclusive discounts at luxurious salons, spas, boutiques and lounges in our lovely city. For only $25, the Kitty Card gets you wicked deals like: 20% off Thai Yoga Massage with Daniel-Ryan at YYoga 50% off your […]

It was a rainy Sunday morning. Not the best morning to be walking around town to find a good place for brunch. But a good friend was visiting Vancouver that weekend and so I had to make sure that he gets the best gastronomic experience with me – even if it meant getting up before […]

My friend Sepi recently took me and my fiance Ben to a japanese bar called Guu on the corner of Robson and Bidwell.  It’s a place that you could easily miss at a blink of an eye, and so if it weren’t for Sepi, I would never have found this place. I walk in the […]